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Думая как миллионер

В одном из прошлых номеров мы начали анализировать книгу президента Соединенных Штатов Америки Дональда Трампа Think Like a Billionaire. Давайте продолжим разбор наиболее интересных моментов с точки зрения обучения английскому языку.

1) Think of yourself as a one-man army.

«You are not only the commander in chief; you’re the soldier as well. You must plan and execute your plan alone. 

People are always comparing business to war and to sports. We do it because these are analogies we immediately understand, not because business is about toughness. It isn’t. It’s much more important to be smart than tough. I know some very bad businessmen who are brutally tough, but they are not smart people. They want to act like Vince Lombardi, but they don’t know how to win.

Billionaires like to win.

Examples: Steve Fossett flying a balloon around the world; Dennis Tito paying $20 million for a trip to space on a Russian rocket. «All of them, one way or another, were showing off», – author Richard Corniff writes in The Natural History of the Rich. «They show off with fine feathers, and they show off with risky behavior».

«I have my own theory, but it is not as scientific: We do it because it’s fun. Work hard, play hard, and live to the hilt».

Кто такой Vince Lombardi? – One of the most successful football coaches ever. He would slap his players, even spit in their faces… He could do it because he won, and you could do it only if you win.

Business is about toughness – бизнес – это жесткая вещь

Be brutally tough – быть брутально жестким

They show off with fine feathers, and they show off with risky behavior – они распускают «красивые перья», хвастая, и также кичатся нестандартным поведением

Slap – бить

Spit in their faces – плевать в лицо

Live to the hilt – живи на полную катушку

2) It is often to your advantage to be underestimated. 

«You never want people to think you are a loser or a schlepper, but it is not a good idea if they think you’re the smartest guy in the room, either… I’m always impressed by ultra-successful people who live great lives in a low-key manner. 

For example, one of my neighbors in Trump Tower is a man, named Joel Anderson. For years, I would see him in the elevator and say hello, but I didn’t know anything about him. One day he called my office and said, «Do you think it would be possible for Mr. Trump to attend my party?» He seemed like a nice guy, with a terrific wife, so I figured I’d pop in for a few minutes. 

When I got to the party, I was amazed to find myself surrounded by some of the most influential people in New York, including… I soon discovered that mild-mannered Joel Anderson is the Chairman and CEO of Anderson News, one of the country’s largest distributors of newspapers and magazines. He’s one of the most powerful and generous people I know. I had been riding in the elevator with him for years and I never knew who he was». 

Schlepper – перевод взят из Google: stupid person, loser, person of little worth, а также из Yiddish (глупец, неудачник)

The smartest guy in the room – самый умный здесь

A terrific wife – потрясающая жена

Live great lives in a low-key manner – жить хорошо в спокойной, невызывающей манере

I figured I’d pop in for a few minutes – я решил, что заскочу на пару минут

Mild-mannered – с мягкими манерами

Так и хочется сказать: мораль сей басни такова – не высовывайтесь!

3) Success Breeds Success.

Следующий заголовок отрывка из этой выдающейся книги можно и сократить до SBS.

Вот прочтите, как доступно, но в то же время как весомо он пишет!

«The best way to impress people is through results. It is easier for me to do deals now because I’ve had so many triumphs. You have to create success to impress people in the world of business. If you are young and you haven’t had any successes yet, then you have to create the impression of success. It doesn’t matter whether the success is a small one or a big one – you have to start with something and build on it».

You have to create the impression of success – вам нужно создать видимость успеха

4) Friends are good, but family is better.

«It’s better to trust your family than your friends. When I was young, I said to someone who had a fairly big business: «Do you see your brothers and sisters?» The person looked at me and said: «Yes, I do, Donald. I see them in court». That had a big impact on me, and I’ve always tried to stay close to my brothers and sisters, my children, and my former wives».

A fairly big business – достаточно большой бизнес. Обратите внимание: слово fairly имеет множество альтернативных переводов, и имеет смысл принять их к сведению. Например: довольно, справедливо, честно, совершенно, беспристрастно, фактически, безусловно, сносно.

I see them in court – я встречаюсь с ними в суде 

That had a big impact on me – это произвело на меня большое впечатление

5) Treat each decision like a lover.

«Vast fortunes are accumulated through dozens of decisions a day, thousands a month, and hundreds of thousands in a carrier. Yet each decision is different and special in its own way. Sometimes you decide immediately – love at first sight. Sometimes you go slowly – the long engagement. Sometimes you gather people in a room and consider various opinions – the equivalent of asking your friends what they think of the person you’ve been dating.

If you treat each decision like a lover – faithfully, respectfully, appropriately – you won’t be locked into a rigid system. You’ll adapt to the needs of the particular decision. Sometimes you’ll think with your head. Other times you’ll think with other parts of your body, and that’s good. Some of the best business decisions are made out of passion.

Sometimes people are surprised by how quickly I make big decisions, but I‘ve learnt to trust my instincts and not to overthink things. I like to compare a decision to a lover because it reminds me to keep in touch with my basic impulses, the drives that excite us, attract us, and give us inspiration and energy».

Vast fortunes are accumulated through dozens of decisions a day – громадные состояния создаются посредством десятков решений в день

The long engagement – затянувшаяся помолвка

If you treat each decision like a lover – faithfully, respectfully, appropriately – если вы будете относиться к своим решениям как к своим любимым – честно, уважительно, подобающим образом

Rigid system – жесткая система, можно также понять как «замкнутый круг»

Other times you’ll think with other parts of your body – в другое время вы думаете другими частями тела

Some of the best business decisions are made out of passion – некоторые из лучших бизнес-решений рождаются из страсти

I like to compare a decision to a lover because it reminds me to keep in touch with my basic impulses, the drives that excite us, attract us, and give us inspiration and energy – хочу сравнить решение с любимой/любимым, поскольку это напоминает мне, что надо исходить из наших основных импульсов, из желаний, которые возбуждают нас, привлекают нас и дают нам вдохновение и энергию.

P. S. Вот такой неожиданный, может быть, совсем незнакомый Дональд Трамп. И очень откровенный. Но, возможно, после прочтения этих отрывков кто-то сможет лучше понять его как человека и даже как президента. Хорошего вам чтения, сразу на двух языках!

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